Stormwater Monitoring

As a professional erosion control and stormwater monitoring company, HydroSpec advises clients on how to stay in compliance using a comprehensive project management approach to monitor sites for NPDES permit compliance.

The inclusive, one-stop process:
  • An area manager assigns a project manager to your project. The project manager is your point of contact for any issues.
  • A HydroSpec trained and certified inspector reviews job sites regularly to evaluate erosion control needs.
  • HydroSpec uses state-of-the-art field instruments to provide immediate stormwater monitoring results. Samples are taken post rainfall and on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Water sample results are posted -- onsite -- into HydroSpec's online SIMS database. SIMS is the contractors' database of choice for stormwater monitoring. You can review all inspection reports online at anytime.
  • If any abnormalities are noticed in the water samples, HydroSpec will contact you to implement BMP's within 24 hours.
  • HydroSpec also represents the client in any communications with the state Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

At HydroSpec, service doesn't end with the sale. HydroSpec will oversee all of your stormwater and erosion control issues, just like they have for hundreds of contractors, builders, and agencies.